Thanksgiving is a time for stuffing and Logan Cross teaches daddy coach all about it

My name is Max Romano and I’m new around these parts. I’m a physiotherapist and for the past month I’ve been working as a part-time sports coach at the local college. I had no idea that the place took sports so seriously. The principal treats it almost like a religion. We’re encouraged to push the students as hard as possible, both mentally and physically, to ensure that they become the best possible versions of themselves. It’s a philosophy that is music to my ears and one I definitely know how to do effectively. I’m not throwing any shade; I’m probably the youngest coach at the college right now, so I understand exactly what these boys both want and need. One of them fascinates me enormously. Logan’s a curious blend of extreme innocence and all-knowing-ness. I often catch him staring at me. When I look back, he usually flushes bright red and looks away, but sometimes, just sometimes, he holds my gaze in a profoundly unnerving way; it’s almost as though he’s mentally undressing me and doing all kinds of filthy things. It’s really intriguing — so intriguing, in fact, that I threw caution (and every code of professional conduct) to the wind by inviting him to my office to see if I could encourage him to act out his fantasies. He sat down next on the couch next to me and I showered him with praise, hoping an injection of confidence would bring out his naughtier side. It certainly seemed to do the trick. Within minutes, he was flashing me the most intense, wanton looks! I rapidly felt bold enough to dive right in and grab his thigh in a way which made my intentions pretty darn clear. He was all over me in an instant and I’m pretty sure that every single warning bell was sounding very loudly in my head but I just couldn’t stop. I can say, with my hand on my heart, that I have never overstepped the mark with a student before, but the more I looked at his cute little face and beautiful physique, the more I knew I had to have him. Besides, it all felt incredibly natural and, as our lips met, I could feel my body quivering in utter excitement. That boy sure knows how to kiss! He’s plainly been with plenty of men before, and probably older ones like me. The prospect of inviting him into my body was becoming more appealing by the second. I recklessly tore his shirt off and started to run my hands over his smooth, porcelain white skin, before turning my attention to the impressive bulge in his shorts. I’d checked out his package on more than a few occasions in the past and was pretty sure I was going to like what I found down there! It started to swell and stiffen, instantly becoming a thing of immense beauty. I toyed with it for some time, running my stubbly cheeks and mouth over its fabric encasement until the boy was sighing with uncontrollable lust. It’s always worth teasing a young stud like Logan. Delaying gratification usually delivers the greatest results! The shorts came off, and when I was done teasing his dick I pulled it out of the side of his jock and sucked it like my life depended on it. For quality merchandise like that, you gotta dust off your very best moves and frankly, I could have blown him for days! He tapped the couch arrogantly – demonstrating that he was taking control of this encounter. He was now my coach and I was powerless to do anything but what he demanded. Hot. As. Fuck! He soon had me assuming the position that all good sluts love to find themselves in – all fours, back arching, and presenting my muscular, tight, daddy-ass to him like a cum-hungry slut. And, sure enough, he soon had his cheeky little tongue stuck right up there, getting me nice and wet and ready for the main event. His raw dick slid into my ass like a hot knife slicing into butter. It was the most perfect fit; big enough to make my eyes bulge but not so huge that I was jolted out of the state of pure, unadulterated pleasure that I’d just entered. This was baby bear dick… just right. He ground slowly to begin with, just to get me used to the way it was gonna feel, but soon he was brutally slamming his penis in and out of me like a horny rabbit in spring, excitedly moving me into a variety of positions so he could ram himself into me with increasing power and speed. It was pure heaven. He told me my ass was gonna make him cum and, from then on, the only thing I could think about was how thrilling it would be to have my insides flooded by his boy cum. I squeezed every muscle in my ass in an attempt to suck the semen out of him. He started banging at full tilt, grunting and groaning like a crazed animal. Then, at the last moment, he pulled out and I instantly felt the thick globules of semen spattering onto my back. I felt a twinge of disappointment that he’d opted to shoot externally, but he must have read my mind because he instantly started to scoop the jizz up with the tip of his dick before thrusting himself back into me again, depositing his sleazy gift deep inside my body as a token of his new-found power.