Cole Blue slips past coach’s jockstrap for a balls deep dicking

Coach Marko takes his responsibilities seriously. He knows that winning only happens when the boys on his team are in peak physical condition. They must look after their bodies and minds, which means eating and sleeping well. The boys are also sent for regular medical check-ups with Dr. Wolf, who examines every detail of a young man’s body to ensure he’s able to function like a highly-tuned machine. Doctor Wolf has a deep understanding of the relationship between a boy’s burgeoning sexuality and his ability to perform as a sportsman. He knows that a young man is driven, almost exclusively, by sexual desire. He also knows that these feelings can engulf a young person. Giving in wholeheartedly to sexual thoughts and deeds can be as damaging as suppressing them. Everything must be kept in balance and, because every boy is different, treatments must be flexible. Testicular examinations are a regular part of Dr. Wolf’s work. Aside from making sure that a boy is free from any more serious lumps and bumps, they’re a particularly useful procedure when it comes to discovering how often (if at all) the boy is masturbating. Examinations do not need to be carried out on a one-to-one basis. In fact, it is preferable to work with a small group of boys, which has the simultaneous benefit of alleviating self-consciousness, which itself can be damaging to a boy’s development. Dr. Wolf will typically line the boys up in a temperature-controlled environment, invite them to strip to their jockstraps, and then perform a groin and testicular examination on each of them in turn. It’s a fairly swift procedure which is generally pleasant for all parties. In fact, the boys regularly experience a stiffening sensation. A recent routine examination revealed a problem with one of the boys on the team. Young Myott has always come across as a little timid and Dr. Wolf was quick to make his diagnosis. The young man’s balls were full to the point of bursting, in fact, they were practically turning blue! Dr. Wolf suggested that Coach Marko keep Myott back to work on some pressure-relieving exercises, and Marko was more than happy to oblige. A good coach should be available for his team on a 24/7 basis. If there’s a crisis, he needs to step up… Some subtle questioning revealed that Myott had been unable to pleasure himself for some time. It’s important not to humiliate a young man by asking him why. Some share rooms with siblings, some come from religious backgrounds where a great deal of shame is attached to the act of masturbation. Others have simply gotten out of the habit, or never learned how to do it effectively or enjoyably. Doctor Wolf subtly made himself scarce so that the coach could deal with the problem discreetly. Marko wasted no time, immediately dropping to his knees and pulling down the boy’s jockstrap. Myott was already hard when his dick entered the coach’s inviting mouth. The boy had always had a thing about older men, and there was something about Coach Marko’s stocky, bear-like frame, and gray, cropped hair which drove him particularly wild. Seeing the uber-sexy DILF with his soft lips gently sliding up and down Myott’s swollen shaft was as good as he could ever have imagined it getting! The more the coach sucked, the better it felt! Coach Marko dwarfed Myott in every conceivable way, yet he was soon kneeling down on all fours, eagerly presenting his hairy, muscular butt to the boy, who quickly had his hungry, little tongue rammed as far up inside the coach’s hole as he could get it! Seconds later, Myott stood up and posted his bulging dick deep into the coach, who let out a low, satisfied groan. Myott was soon banging Marko with speed and aggression; finally beginning to alleviate months of pent-up frustration. Marko rolled onto his back and the boy continued to pound him, attempting to savor the moment, holding back every time he felt too close, but each exquisite stroke took him a fraction closer to exploding. Banging the coach like that made Myott feel more dominant and powerful and he speedily ordered Coach Marko onto his hands and knees so that he could hammer him with unrelenting force. Myott, unsurprisingly, came real hard. Marko could feel the boy’s body shaking uncontrollably before the darts of jizz were fired into him. He knew even before Myott pulled out that this was a giant load which he would endeavor to keep inside himself for as long as possible.