Unleashing Desire: A Steamy Encounter Between Two Jockboys

Austin and Jay officially met on the first day of soccer practice this past summer. Jay really liked Austin right away, but it was obvious to Jay that the wildly-popular team captain had a lot on his plate. On top of that, when Austin wasn’t spending one-on-one time with the coaches, or sculpting his perfect body in the gymnasium with the assistant coaches, he was tirelessly practicing and running field drills with some of the other more veteran team mates. And then one day, Austin made an unexpected bee-line to Jay’s locker after practice. Being the bright-eyed, personable boy that he is, Austin applauded Jay’s outstanding foot work on the pitch. He also noted that Jay’s ball-handling and passing skills had improved exponentially in just a short period of time. Jay was floored. This gorgeous, gifted dream-boy had actually noticed him! Once Jay picked his jaw up off the floor he blushed crimson red, yet somehow managed a quiet, humble thanks. A smile stretching from ear to ear. With a chuckle, Austin good-naturedly slapped Jay on the back. He asked if he had any desire to go back to his pad and hang out. The answer was definitely yes! Fact is, Jay could feel his loins begin to tingle… After a brief tour of Austin’s swanky, well-kept apartment, the two inevitably wound up in Austin’s bedroom. Seemingly always in a chipper mood and not shy when it came to complimentary conversation, Austin invited Jay to sit next to him on the bed. Jay almost lost it when Austin suddenly smirked, reached out, and put his hand underneath Jay’s t-shirt. Always the quirky little sweetheart, Austin cooed and licked his lips. He confessed that lately he’d been casually paying attention to Jay’s abdominal workouts which developed some serious washboard abs. As though in one of his wet dreams, Jay shuddered and sighed. Yet, he was vividly coherent enough to begin feeling up Austin’s own delightfully tight, fit torso. It wasn’t but a half-second later before Austin leaned in for a kiss. That’s all it took for Jay to drop any lingering hesitation. He slipped his tongue into Austin’s mouth. Clothes immediately came flying off and, like two hot-and-ready jockboys should, they began feeling up one another’s steel-hard erections. Austin whispered that he found uncut penises irresistible and, when he’d noticed this about Jay in the locker room showers one day after practice, he confessed that he had a difficult time fantasizing about anything else. Jay was ready to suck this fantastical boy’s phenomenal cock, and dove right in. Austin leaned back onto the mattress, moaned with unabashed need, and gripped the bed-sheets. Jay simply kept sucking, delighted by Austin’s cute little cries of delight. Wasn’t too long before Austin pulled Jay over to him, returning the awesome oral favor. As it seemed to the happy team captain that a delicious uncut cock was a premium in this town, he savored every morsel. Austin let his watering mouth and juicy tongue linger, relishing the foreskin. Suddenly, Austin looked up. He and Jay locked eyes. Without a word needed, Jay flipped onto his back and pulled his legs to his chest, exposing the tender entrance. It wasn’t but half-a-second later that Austin slid his erection inside that hole all the way to the hilt. Both boys let nature take over. Austin pounded that ass like a jackrabbit in desperate heat. Jay fucking loved it; he was beyond bliss. With sensuous hands and fingertips, Jay roamed Austin’s fine, strong, remarkably smooth body all over. He let his hands explore and memorize every inch. This drove Austin utterly wild and the more he hammered into Jay’s tight hole, the deeper and harder his new crush begged for it. With his climax hurtling to the finish line, Austin exerted one last magical thrust with his swollen staff and blasted shot after shot of thick, gooey, syrupy semen deep inside. With sexy, simultaneous gasps, the panting jockboys marveled with primal glee when Austin pulled out and watched as all that voluminous wad came pouring out. Jay pulled Austin close to him as they both giggled and cosied up to one another. Jay didn’t want the fun to end. Lucky for him, with that ever-present twinkle in the team captain’s eye, Austin wasn’t about to blow the whistle just yet…!