Star player Michael has a private breeding lesson with his coach

 By this point Michael Flex was no stranger to private lessons with the Coaches. He had shown off his talents for Coaches Romano and Stone so often that he was sure that they both viewed him as the most valuable player on their team—though not necessarily on the field. He was as excited as ever for a one-on-one training session with Coach Romano. The toned, athletic Twink loved the burly Coach’s enthusiasm for his smooth body and big cock—and also the way the older man held him as they kissed and let their hands wander all over one another. Coach Romano slowly undressed the eager boy. Shirt first, with shorts coming off soon after, leaving the young stud in only his purple ball cap and matching socks. His hard cock jutted straight out; the student needed this lesson as much as the Coach. Coach Romano similarly stripped, revealing his fur-covered body and leaving only his snug jockstrap on. He made the boy lay back on the couch. He tasted the youngster’s body, licking and kissing his way down to the hard young cock. The older man, well practiced with blowjobs, gobbled down the entirety of Michael’s rigid meat with ease. Coach then got on all-fours and presented his big, meaty, jockstrap-framed ass. Michael spit on his cock and lubed it up before pointing it at the older man’s hungry hole—he had no hesitation at all! Michael popped the head in first, the rest of his cock slowly disappeared deep into Coach Romano’s hole. After taking a steady pounding from the boy, the man turned over to lay on his back. Michael slid back inside missionary-style. Coach stroked his own hard cock to the rhythm of the boy’s fucking. The two grew close as they bred—both in connection and in approach to their orgasms. Coach Romano moaned and groaned in pleasure as he felt the youngster blast inside him—another successful lesson, well taught!