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As principal, I take the well-being of my students incredibly seriously. It might be cliche to say, but I like them to think of me as a friend. There’s plenty of other teachers and coaches working here who thrive on playing the role of bad cop – and this allows me to be the friendly, touchy-feely one! And let me tell you: playing good cop certainly comes with regular perks! Young Austin is one of my students and his reputation definitely precedes him. I’ve always been somewhat intrigued by Austin. At first glance, you’d think he was a rather innocent young man. He can’t be much taller than about 5’2” and looks considerably younger than his years, but he exudes a sort of confidence which borders on arrogance. That boy has plainly been around many blocks with many men. I know I shouldn’t, but a large part of me has always wanted to be the next notch on his bedpost. I called him into my office this afternoon to give him some jumped-up motivational chat about needing to apply himself more as a sportsman. His coach told me that was very talented, but lacking in the aptitude that comes from focus and persistence. His coach had a;so told me that Austin had a surprisingly big dick for a lad of his size, and that the boy really knew how to use it. I knew it was my duty to put a stop to it, but my curiosity and excitement was bigger than my common sense. The pep-talk was pretty speedily derailed. I was doing my best to be the educator and administrator he knew me to be, but my inner urges were becoming too strong to ignore. Seeing his beautiful, boyish face and tiny, toned body sitting in my office, I wanted him more than I could imagine. I’m not sure why or at which point I started openly talking about his cock, but I remember blurting out that I was pretty keen to see it. Austin stared at me with those old-soul eyes. “You wanna see my dick?” I leant forward in my chair and said, “I wanna see your potential.” I told Austin to stand up, and he did as asked. I stayed sitting and pulled him between my legs. I pushed down his shorts and started to suck that well-hyped dick of his. I could feel it hardening between my lips, and within a few seconds, he was gasping and moaning in intense pleasure. Coach was certainly not lying. Austin had a very impressive piece of meat between his legs, and it was rock hard and ready for action. I gave him a pretty good oral workout. I’ll be honest, I wanted him to experience something different. When you know you’re pleasuring a boy who’s had his dick in countless guys, pride forces you to pull out all the stops and be the best!! Fortunately, by the time I was done with sucking, he was shaking with uncontrollable lust. Guess I still got it! I stood up slowly from my chair, enjoying the fact that I was now towering over him. I took my shirt off, faintly amused by the fact that, with us both standing, his lips were level with my nipples! Younger men are often quite surprised when I start to get naked. I don’t suppose they expect a school principal to look after his body the way that I look after mine. The secret? Dumbbells in my office cupboard! I told him I wanted him inside me, then causally undid my suit pants and ushered him towards my desk. I climbed onto the desk, keeping one leg on the ground so that my ass cheeks were good and wide apart and he was able to see my hungry hole. He wasted no time at all, repositioning me slightly so his dick was nicely lined up, before slowly sliding himself inside me raw. Atta boy! The experience was intense. His cock was the perfect size. As he started to push himself in and out of my hole, ripples of pleasure started cascading through my body. He knew exactly what he was doing. He kept me on my toes as well, varying the pace and depth of his strokes, sending me into a stupor of unbelievable pleasure. The faster and harder he fucked, the more I wanted him. How the hell does a boy his age get to be that good!? He brought his leg up onto the desk so he could go in even harder and, at that point, I was his to do whatever he wanted. He told me to get on my back, then put both of my legs on one of his shoulders and started pounding me like a pro, his abdomen slamming against my thighs as he got closer and closer to blowing his load. He mumbled that he was gonna cum and I heard myself saying “do it” between the groans and gasps. At that stage the fuck reached fever pitch. He pulled out just before blasting his load. I could feel shards of red hot semen spraying over my hole and onto my balls, which Austin scooped up with the head of his dick and drove back into me. I loved that he wanted to leave some of himself inside me, like I was his trophy and he was marking his territory. As we started to simmer down, it occurred to me that I’d need to find a few more dumb excuses to bring him back into my office! That’s one boy I’m not done with!