Exploring Pleasure: My Wild Night with Milo’s Rock-Hard Abs and Disproportionately Large Penis

The winter tryouts for the upcoming baseball season were underway. This is one of my favorite times of the year, as our team sees a lot of young, athletic hopefuls trying to earn a spot on the roster. As I had just been promoted to assistant coach, it was my responsibility to evaluate each tryout and analyze their performance on the practice field. Our newest prospect, Milo, was scheduled for a special counseling session that would help determine not only his physical condition and prowess, but also if he had that ‘it’ factor. I have an inherent knack for picking up on an athlete’s special qualities that even some of the most experienced coaches might not catch. Upon first meeting Milo, right away I liked his eagerness and his enthusiasm. It’s plain as day that he loves the sport, craves competition, and will do almost anything to ready himself for gameday. I also observed that he and a few of the other older coaches spent a lot of extra one-on-one time together. Turns out their frequent sessions involved more than just a review of the playbook! So on the afternoon of Milo’s interview, he was ready to impress. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but offer an invite back to my place. I had some additional questions and feedback I wanted to go over with him. My dick jumped in my jockeys when Milo shot me a happy grin. He did not hide his excitement whatsoever. Once we arrived back at my place, we got comfortable and chit-chatted for a bit. I noticed that Milo couldn’t resist looking me up and down after I’d casually plopped down on my bed. Without me even needing to give him an invitation, Milo hopped up onto the mattress and sat right next to me. Before he could make a move, I put my hand up and asked if what I’d heard about him was true. Coach Angus had relayed to me that the previous evening he’d enjoyed a rather pleasant time with the youngster—and had been worked over several times all night long. Milo simply batted his pretty eyelids. The boy thought to himself for a moment and then, with a curious tone, inquired if I had ever been with Coach Angus. I casually admitted that I had. I could only chuckle when relaying to Milo that he wasn’t the only tryout that Angus had seduced. Milo seemed a bit surprised by this revelation, but quickly moved on from it and inched a little closer to me. I had a funny feeling that the mattress was likely going to get a good workout of its own! So I took the plunge and asked Milo if he wanted to have a little rough-and-tumble together. The eager boy’s eyes lit up and he licked his lips. He said that he wanted to get me naked and possibly dick me down, if I was into it. I thought that boy’s hard-on was going to rip right through the front! The little Latin hottie has the build of a boy, but the cock of a prize bull. I tenderly kissed up and down his tight, rock-hard abs. Milo hissed with every swipe of my tongue anywhere that I cared to lick. Every time that I glanced at his dick, it just kept getting harder and longer! I just had to suck on it. Milo felt like he had to ask first before he licked my hole. Fuck yeah it’s okay! Once he got started, you’da thought he was devouring ambrosia after a week with no food in the desert! The boy kept saying how good I tasted. I just gripped the bedsheets, threw my head back, and rallied him on. Once Milo had my hole all lathered up and slick with his saliva, he meekly asked permission to put his poundstick deep inside. Of course I said yes. I have to admit, when I say Milo has a disproportionately large penis compared to his body-size and build, I’m not lying. I honestly could barely get two hands around his sizable shaft while I was sucking him off. Either way, by the time the titillated twink had finally squeezed his cock all the way inside me I felt as full up to capacity as I had experienced in recent memory. Plenty of other top tryout hopefuls had put their sluggers inside, but Milo’s was something else entirely—and it felt fucking awesome! Must have felt pretty top-notch for the boy as well. Milo kept saying, moaning about how good it felt. I praised the boy for his talent at nailing my sweet spot, and to continue doing so for as long as he could hold out. His subsequent fuck thrusts sent us both into primal overdrive. The young top slammed my boy-hungry hole and kept me rock hard and ready to blow. Suddenly, a powerful urge overcame me and I begged Milo to flip me over so that I could watch him blast his honey everywhere. No sooner had the words been uttered did he lay me out and shoot his load. I knew from what Coach Angus had told me about the night before that Milo had cum many, many times. But the cumshot that coated my chest and abs seemed to me like two weeks worth. That sight was all it took for my own cock; I erupted with volley-after-volley of hot semen. Spent and exhausted, Milo collapsed on top of me. I held the young superstar-in-the-making close. The delicious aroma of our sex, sweat, and cum was all I needed to confirm that not only was the boy’s future bright, but all of our teammates and coaches would feel the same way in time…!