Double the Pleasure: A Wild Night with Two Daddy-Obsessed Boys

Our latest third-base tryout, Andrew Powers, is quite the fascinating boy. He’s a hard worker, no doubt— and very skilled at not just third-base, but every position. However, there was one particular skill set that I hadn’t yet observed; and I was eager to see if he had what it took to get my own exclusive seal of approval. One thing I had noticed was that Andrew had spent a lot of one-on-one time working with the other Coaches. Soon, word around the water cooler was that the young upstart was not just a talented athlete, but showcased fun and remarkable carnal skills that the other coaches and teammates rated as elite. I made the decision that I needed to find this out for myself! I thought of an idea and wound up inviting Andrew into the Coach’s Lounge after practice one afternoon. Once we’d gotten to the Lounge, reviewed the day’s practice session, and settled down a bit, Andrew finally asked me what I really had in mind. I simply smiled, shrugged, sat a smidge closer to him, and placed my hand on his inner thigh. I told Andrew that we could do anything he wanted. The corner of his mouth curled up in a heart-stopping smile. Anything? The boy arched his eyebrow, placed his own hand on my arm that was now moving up his inner thigh, and offered me a wistful, wicked glance. The Coach’s Lounge was always well lit and set at a pleasant temperature. However, when Andrew and I fell into one another’s arms and kissed, I could have sworn the lights got even brighter—all of a sudden we were both red hot! I touched myself over my silky, black athletic shorts. With ever-eager, hungry eyes, the boy touched me, too. Andrew got on his knees and began to feel me up with his long, excitable, nimble fingers, then quickly began sucking on my nipple. I laid back on a large, cushy foot stool, closed my eyes, and luckily, did not cream my shorts! I desperately wanted to cup the boy’s perfect bubble butt, however, I was so enamored by what the young upstart was doing with his tongue that my wish was no more than hot fantasy—for the moment. Next thing I knew, Andrew and I were tearing each other’s clothes off. Our breathing had gotten more labored and we couldn’t stop moaning. Every little touch and sensation from the boy was simply amazing. And yet, I had no idea what, ultimately, was in store for me that afternoon! I had barely caught my breath when Andrew suddenly pushed my legs back, stretched my hole with those pretty boy hands and fingers, and quickly slicked the entry before shoving his entire tongue into me. He wasn’t shy about his desire to give me an unforgettable rim job. The boy knew what he was doing, too. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had someone’s tongue that deep inside me before! Finally, I regained my composure just enough to sprinkle in a little bit of self-pleasure to go along with this mind-blowing experience. I started twisting and playing with both of my sensitive, engorged nipples. I squeezed them both hard with each swirl of Andrew’s tongue inside my wonderfully stimulated anus. And then I heard the door of the Coach’s Lounge open! I thought I’d locked it so that Andrew and I could enjoy at least some measure of privacy. Who could it be with a key? The answer to my silent question was quickly answered when twink Team Captain Cole Blue strutted into the Lounge and closed the door behind him. He didn’t seem at all surprised by what he had just walked into. However, I noticed that Andrew didn’t even flinch. He kind of casually looked over his shoulder once he came up for air again. The daddy-obsessed boy simply nodded and winked at Cole. Then Andrew turned right back around and teased my meaty, exposed entry with the tip of his tongue. Cole approached me from behind, beamed down at both Andrew and I, then casually said: “Hey, bro. Thanks for getting Coach ready for me.” Andrew’s eyes sparkled at this mention. He grinned real big up at Cole, then took a deep breath and went back to town on my hole. I was starting to get a pretty good idea that these two boys had been scheming up a sex plot and I was the focus, but fuck if I cared. All I knew for sure was that I had beat off to thoughts of Cole when I was alone in my office plenty of times, but I had never really had the opportunity to broker the idea of him and me fooling around. I tried looking up at Cole and offering a humble thanks, but before I could say anything, he shoved his thick jock cock straight into my mouth. Meanwhile, Andrew was definitely not letting up lapping at my hole. I silently wished that one of these drop-dead-gorgeous boys would hurry up and put their dick inside of me. Cole must have read my mind, because after several minutes of me swallowing his cock, he stopped suddenly and shooed Andrew away. Then he walked around, aimed his dick at my well-licked hole and slid it right in. Gods, it felt terrific! While Cole power-fucked my ass, Andrew came up from behind and under. Then he began swiping and darting his tongue along the base of Cole’s cock, while simultaneously getting a lick or twelve inside my hole where he could. I had no choice but to blow my load—and what came out was more volume than I had erupted in a very long time! That was when Cole’s already powerful cock-thrusts got even more mighty. He fucked, full-force, with a need and ferociousness that damn near made my cum fly a second time! I most likely would have, but before I could regain my bearings and begin jacking myself again, Cole suddenly pulled out and blasted thick ropes of twink semen all over me! Andrew wasn’t far behind Cole, but he clearly was unable to get back onto his feet because I could hear him shuddering blissfully and I knew that his boy cock was spasming and blasting all over his own self. I normally would have just gotten down there on the carpet with him and eat up all that boy jizz, but Cole still had me under his command! Cole was still rock-hard. He was taking deep breaths and staring down at me. I knew, then, I was the one who’d get put through his paces that night!