Coach invites players Michael and Andrew for them to stuff him from both ends

Michael Flex and I have been fooling around for months now and I don’t see any signs of us slowing down. When that little guy’s cock first went inside me at the recreational facility it was one of the raunchiest moments of my life. Nothing can top it, and our private sessions have become habit-forming for me. So when a fresh player joined our team, I noticed Michael’s eyes gravitating towards the new kid during our practices. In the past I may have felt a ping of jealousy, but given that I knew how wild this boy’s instincts can be, I saw this as an opportunity. I invited the new guy, Andrew Powers, and Michael to my house after practice for a “private session” between the three of us. They both agreed without any hesitation, Michael even shot me a look of gratitude already anticipating what was to come. Ah, youth. These two boys were ravenous! As soon as the doors closed behind me and we settled on the couch, they jumped on me. Both of their tongues twisted around with mine and my only thought was that I wish I could bottle that taste and drink it forever. They rushed to undress me, hungry for my ass and cock. They bent me over, spread my ass cheeks and feasted, occasionally breaking away to kiss each other above my hole. They pleasured me from both sides. Andrew got a taste of my hole for the first time, and Michael’s beautiful mouth worked on my aching cock. I realized they were both still dressed, and that wouldn’t do. I bent down between these two beautiful twinks and pulled down their shorts to expose their sweaty jockstraps. Their cock-stuffed jocks were, to me, like art; I could stare at them forever. The spice of their scent was even better! Next thing I know, I’m on all fours, and Andrew is plunging his hard cock inside my hole while my moans are muddled with Michael’s cock fucking my throat. I didn’t know if it could get better than this, until Michael tagged in for Andrew. I could almost feel the ridges on his cockhead as he inserted himself in my hole, his familiar cock activating nerves that no one else could. All I could do was moan in pure ecstasy. Andrew’s cock worked like a pacifier while Michael pummeled my rear then turned me on my back and fucked me even harder than before. I was almost paralyzed with pleasure as Michael pulled his cock out and sprayed his seed all over my chest. His load, thick and copious, shot all across my nipples, dripping off the tip. He shoved his cock back inside me for a few last pumps while drinking in the pleasure of his afterglow. At this point anyone could have come in the room and my hole would be ready for them after a fuck like that. Luckily, Andrew was there to prove just how much of a team player he was. He put his cock inside me for the third time that day, and I could tell by the look on his face that this was, much like with Michael and I, becoming an addiction. His moaning grew to violent growls as he got close to his climax. He raised his voice even more as the first spurts burst inside my hole. It was almost unbelievable the amount of cum he shot inside me; I could feel a river of it dripping down my hole as he pulled his cock out. Andrew put himself inside me one last time that day as we started to collapse on each other, swirling all of our tongues together as we lay in the ecstasy of our afterglows, feeling closer than we had ever before. These two athletes blew me away in their first team effort on me—I’d be sure to run more practice drills with them in the future.