Coach Dan tames his player with his silver daddy ass

Nick has had some behavioral troubles in the past, the kind that’s kept him on the bench. He hasn’t had many chances to prove himself to the team. It wasn’t until his most recent private training session with Coach Patrick that he left a truly positive impression on—and in—one of the Coaches. Seeing potential, Coach Patrick decided to recommend Nick to a private session with Coach Dan next. Nick didn’t know what to expect when he showed up at Coach Dan’s office; he only knew that he’d be “evaluated for his athletic ability.” He showed up in his workout shorts, just as he was supposed to. And yet, when Coach Dan sat him down, they just started talking! It almost came off as an interrogation—Coach Dan told him he needed to be a “team player” and that he needed to “show him that he’s ready.” Coach Dan could see the determination in the boy’s eyes. Still, he was unprepared for how Nick would respond; bewilderment took hold of the older man as Nick pulled out his semi-hard cock for his coach to measure. Nick’s thick member grew hard in his warm, strong hands, and with it—judging by Coach Dan’s expression—grew his chances of getting back on the team. Coach Dan started out slow, lapping up the precum that beaded at the tip of Nick’s cock. He took his time, savoring the salty-sweet taste, until he felt Nick’s cock twitching against his tongue. Nick’s cock filled his coach’s mouth as he slowly pushed his head further and further down his almost never-ending cock. Coach gargled down the player’s beautiful member, and in his mind, was grading the boy’s performance favorably. Nick was more than ready to give Coach Dan all he had. He wanted to ram this beefy bottom faster and longer than any sprint he’d done on the field. Coach got into position on top of Nick to warm up before the real game started. As Nick’s throbbing cock slid into Coach’s slick hole, their moanings started to sync up as the pleasure washed over them. Coach Dan was a sight to see: his muscles glistened in the light of his office with exertion. He bounced on Nick’s cock like a jackhammer, leaving a trail of spit in the air each time he slammed back down. Nick could see the pleasure building in Coach’s face. He breathed heavily, his skin flushing with arousal. Nick loved watching Coach Dan’s ass flexing around his cock, and loved the way his young hardon fit so perfectly inside the older man. Nick pumped his coach at full speed, savoring each powerful pump. Coach Dan could instantly tell how valuable of a team member Nick was now that his Daddy hole was full of the twink’s thick cock. He was positive Nick would have to stay around for at least one season—and hopefully more. As Nick started getting closer to climax, Coach Dan tightened his hole, giving that extra push to send Nick flying over the finish line. Nick’s cock could hardly take the pleasure any longer as his seed flooded the Coach’s hole, warming up those insides instantly. The promising rookie’s warm cum dripped out of the Coach’s hole while he slowly pulled his cock out. After a performance like that, Coach Dan thought, Nick was surely on his way to becoming one of the team’s top players!