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After last week’s encounter, Coach Angus is certain that Marcus has what it takes to be an outstanding top, so he puts his whistle lanyard over Marcus’ head and tells him, “You’re gonna be in charge today.” With a cocky smirk, Marcus starts instructing his coach to do push-ups and then holds his feet for his coach to do sit-ups. 

Fuckin twink is getting me hard already, Coach Angus thinks, touching the rigid outline of his thick cock in his tight shorts as he stands. As Marcus muses on what to do, his hands reach for the older man’s zipper. Coach’s thick cock bounces free as his shorts come down, having escaped the waistband of the tiny jockstrap he wore just for Marcus.

“Can’t even hold it in,” Marcus mocks as he tucks Coach Angus’ cock away and presses on the man’s taint to elicit a moan. He pulls the coach’s cock out to suck it briefly, before putting it away again and telling him to turn around.  

Little fucker is a tease, Coach thinks as he’s told to touch his toes. It’s not until Coach Angus is on all fours with Marcus’ tongue in his hole that he starts to praise his young trainee for taking control. Marcus lets his own big, heavy cock out of his jockstrap to stroke while he gets Coach Angus ready to be his wide receiver, and Coach is soon begging for Marcus’ cock after all the teasing.

Coach Angus starts moaning and pressing back onto Marcus’ cock as he enters him slowly. Marcus flexes his cock when he’s about halfway in, to stretch coach out before pressing deeper to the thickest part of his shaft. Seeing his authority figure in a state of total submission and completely impaled on his big cock makes Marcus chuckle, and he gets more aggressive with his thrusts.  

Marcus leans in to kiss Coach Angus in missionary position, lifting up coach’s ass to pile drive him. That gets Coach Angus jerking his big, thick cock furiously, moaning and grunting with increasing intensity as Marcus hits him deep. Coach is cumming in no time and Marcus continues to thrust until he blows his own load deep inside coach’s tight ass.

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